Shredder Chess App – The best Chess App

shredder chess app

Are you tired of playing so many chess apps that don’t rate your progress? Looking for an app that would not only teach you how to become a chess master, but also track how you are doing? I have played so many apps online and in my idevices, only to wonder if I’m really improving or not. [...]

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How to get ANY paid Cydia app for free!


Yes. Any! Ranging from the most popular to the worst Cydia apps available as long as you must pay for it to get it. Follow these steps and you will be happy right after you do that. (Note: You must have a jailbroken iPod/iPhone/iPad) Open up cydia Tap on the manage button on the bottom [...]

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Get almost any paid AppStore app for free!

installous logo

You know how you just jailbroke your iPod/iPhone/iPad, and you go to the app store and see an app that you really want such as InfinityBlade or AngryBirds but sadly you must pay for it? Don’t cry but just be happy while you are reading this! Then you can thank us later for it. Just follow [...]

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Free in-app purchases for almost any app!


Have you ever wanted to get any in-app purchase absolutely free? Well you have come to the right place! It is called iAP Cracker. These steps will show you how to get it: Open up Cydia Go to manage and then sources (if you are using an iPad then just go to sources). Tap on the edit [...]

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Hack any iPhone or iPad app

ifile logo

Ever wonder if it’s possible to hack an app in order to make it do whatever you wish? Remember GameGenie? Well it is! But first ou have to jailbreak your iDevice. Once you jailbreak it, you are in! The name of this tweak is iFile, and I have placed some instructions below for you: Go [...]

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The Spider Man App

spider man app

The hit Broadway show, SPIDER-MAN Turn off The Dark, has introduced a brand new app that includes all kinds of cool features related to the show. The free app enables users to buy show tickets, play games, view scenes from the show, download music from the show, and post comments to a Spider-Man Facebook fan [...]

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Edit Audio and Video on iPad: Avid Studio App

The iPad is a technical powerhouse, and now thanks to a brand new app, it can also be a movie production house. Avid has introduced a new app called the Avid Studio for iPad that puts the company vast suite of video-editing tools at users’ fingertips. Users can browse video and audio clips stored on [...]

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Update Messages Even After Your Own Death: If I Die App

Are you someone who likes to have the last word? You’ll definitely want to check out a brand-new app for Facebook called If I Die. Never again will you worry about leaving words unspoken, or failing to express your feelings to those you love. Or, actually, to those you despise. Or those you want to [...]

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Report a Crime App: CrimePush

What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw a crime being committed? Depending on the severity of the crime, you might hide or remove yourself from the area. But then what? Would you take the time to call the cops or dial 911 and answer a bunch of questions? Or [...]

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